All of the novels on this site are provided for your reading pleasure. I hope you’ll enjoy this creative retreat and will let me have your comments. I write to entertain, although occasionally hide my outrageous philosophy behind the fast paced action. I do not write about knights on white chargers or completely irreproachable individuals, because such people do not exist. I normally create a character, set his/her destiny, and drop them into realistic surroundings even if the story is a science fiction, taking place in the future or at a distant galaxy. From here on, I just guide my characters through their obstacle course to the end. Strangely, my heroes or heroines relate to the setting of the novel much better than I do. This is understandable, as I write in the early two thousands and they usually live in the nineteen hundreds, or in the late twenty-first century. I admire the style and the writings of John Masters, Nicholas Monsarrat, Robert Ruark, and Jean-Pierre Hallet.