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Murder By Bestseller

Excellent read. Murder By Bestseller, is the classic Police Procedural, and in some ways, rather like a hard-boiled, but in a more descript style. Detective Sergeant Eva Wyatt, assigned to the graveyard shift somehow lands the sensitive investigation into the murder of a city Counselor. The detective, fresh back from a vacation that was almost all she hoped for, wastes no time getting back into investigative mode. I especially liked how she reviews the clues, and how those clues drive the investigation. This truly is classic in style: where the reader has every opportunity to detect in their own mind. As we move forward, the crime gradually – and logically – unfolds. Even when Eva has hunch, you can understand how she logically arrived at it. She uncovers the facts fast – but its tracking the motives and the real force behind the actual deed that proves the challenge. There is no lack for action! And, Eva is good in a fight – hand to hand or with weapons – but realistically realizes when luck is on her side, as well. There are people she can count on, but … even among cops, there are moments of doubt. Throughout though, the plot remains twisty enough to be unpredictable. There is also wonderful character development – Eva is truly a multi-faceted person, believable, often intense, but with a softer side. Secondary characters are also believable – with everyday issues, scheduling problems and whatnot. Even though there is a fairly large cast of characters, these do not make the story complex or hard to follow. I could wish that a bit more attention was given to location, but that indeed is a small point. The backdrop is partly police, and partly the literary world, with very little reference to physical location. Set in a brisk Canadian winter, Timar's Murder By Bestseller is a completely engaging and believable murder mystery. Do read!!!

Nancy LG

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Multi-published author, Gabriel Timar crafts a steamy international thriller, where his heroine must use the only weapons she has to save her own life. Claire Havas, a professional accountant is blackmailed into joining an international assassins’ organization. I read this one wearing asbestos gloves. So, be forewarned. This book has sexually explicit content from beginning to end. 

Drugged, raped, and blackmailed, Hungarian born Claire Havas, an exceptional financial accountant, finds herself a sex slave to an international organization that deals in high-finance murder. She uses her quick wits, her high sense of self-survival and her magnificent body to gain the knowledge she needs to put her plan for revenge into motion.

This is a fast moving story of code names, crime, murder, and international banking. You won’t be able to set it down.

JoEllen Conger



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