Gabriel Timarís Luciferís project is a thoroughly entertaining, rollicking sci-fi adventure. George is wicked, yet endearing, and unpredictable individual. He always finds a way to keep the reader interested. The continuous action would make a good action comedy movie. I rate it four stars, a good read on rainy day.

Adam Ravenstein


The Luciferís project is fitting prequel to the Novgorod Diary. Read this one first, but do not miss the sequel, because the two together provides excellent entertainment and a glimpse into the political machinations in our times. Although the author does not claim that any of the events are true, I suspect some of them might be. Timar seems to be a topnotch storyteller, a guy who enjoys doing it. It is five star entertainment.

Donna Cruise



This fast paced futuristic science fiction novel borders on the possible. The effort of Professor Skora could be insane courage or a scientistís arrogant confidence in his discovery. Going back to the 1930s to correct the mistakes of our forefathers is rather ambitious. I wonder if any high-powered, well-established scientist would risk his life to avert the environmental Armageddon. A must read for the sci-fi aficionado.

Andrew Morris


As a scientist, I am aware of the climate change and the looming environmental catastrophe. Timarís conclusion of the WWII being the catalyst starting the avalanche of the environmental degradation is probably right. The question is that who would discover time travel to go back and stop the war. The story is so real that one could easily imagine that it is not only a figment of the authorís imagination, but a prediction. The presentation of the pre-war Budapest appears to match the stories told by my grandfather. I recommend this book to all who like thought provoking literature.

Bela Nemedi



Aficionados of science fiction will find this novel intriguing. In particular, those of you who thrive on the intricacies of engineering solutions to tricky unearthly problems will have a field day. Right from the start the reader is treated to a nearly catastrophic accident when a Mars mission crew and their spaceship are accidentally shrunk to a twentieth of their original size. What a challenge! More adventures follow, including a remarkable discovery on one of Jupiterís moon. I will not spoil the surprise but to alert you to more frolicking with nubile beautiful aliens, and engineering challenges to overcome. There are familiar themes in The Falcon Project, but Iíve not seen them treated so originally. There are laugh out loud surprises, but be prepared for reflection too. Timar has global politics on offer, and the shenanigans of the CIA agents are woven through the plot nicely, bumping off people who know about the shrinking.

Gabriel Timar has crafted an easy read, though Iíd prefer my aliens to be more alien, and the characters to be more different from each other. This is Mission to Mars meets Fantastic Voyage. The plots and subplots along with hooks, intrigue and sexual frisson make The Falcon Project a page-turner.

Geoff Nelder



Hungarian born Gabriel Timarís NOVGOROD DIARY is an enchanting tongue-in-cheek tale using adult humor that kept me amused and chuckling from beginning to end. It is definitely the kind of book youíd need on a dismal rainy day to brighten your mood and make you giggle.

When the high testosterone womanizer, Lawyer George Pike, suddenly finds himself DEAD, he discovers himself transcending toward the Third Dimension, faced with the dilemma of having to choose his Soul Manager from a list of possibilities. He quickly selects Hades Limited rather than Heaven Inc. where he suspects there might not be a sufficiency of willing ladies. After proving his expertise working in his capacity as Lawyer for the big boss, he is dispatched to represent his new client Lola Ricci, who turns out to be an equal partner for his sexual appetite. She fears for her life having in her procession proof of the true tsar Romanov decedent. With a large sum of money secreted away in a San Francisco bank, and a political career just waiting for the right person, there are several factions determined to snatch this proof away from her and do her in, and it is only Georgeís quick-witted mental gymnastics that keep her, his two assistants, and his fast-talking mouth alive.

I highly recommend this adult humored tale for those with an appreciation for ribald wit.

JoEllen Conger



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